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Body & Soul


Nutrition & Wellness, perfectly paired.

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Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Soulful NW was born out of a desire to bring peace, balance, and luxury into the lives of people who feel the pressure and stress of today’s fast-paced society. In a world where we are surrounded by noise, obligations, and endless responsibilities, we so rarely take the time to focus on ourselves and recharge. In the simplest way possible, we have created an all-inclusive experience that allows you to disconnect and relax in the comfort of your own home and still feel like you're in a high-end resort spa.

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An Unforgettable Experience

A perfectly unique way to create an atmosphere of rejuvenation and escape without leaving home.


Chef Ken provides all of the ingredients for a soul satisfying and healthy meal for two, all that is needed of you is a kitchen to prepare and serving ware to display. You are welcome to take a seat and watch him work, learn about the food, sample the dishes, and soak in the process, or if you prefer some quiet time to reflect, meditate, or just disconnect, your space will be honored. Either way, you are invited to enjoy a tea service and hors d’oeuvres while waiting on your partner, who will be enjoying a customized spa session in the space of your choosing. .

Each spa session begins with a 10-minute soothing foot bath that enhances circulation, nurtures overused feet, and eases you into a state of bliss. Once the foot bath is done, sink into a plush, welcoming massage table for an hour of bodywork that is perfectly tailored to you. Jessica and Steph work from a place of deep intuition, but welcome guidance and feedback from all clients about their preferences and areas of need. To enhance the benefits of your massage, you have the option of including a number of spa treatments ranging from scalp rejuvenation, to full body exfoliation, to a deep hydrating formula, or even a face mask. Explore more details about each Indulgence on our Menus page.


Our Team


Chef Ken McNamee


A former Ritz-Carlton chef, Ken is also a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, international award-winning culinarian, a seasoned professional and published author. Ken offers spa-inspired menus based on fresh, simple and healthy ingredients. His solid experience from working at some of the world’s most exclusive private clubs and five-star hotels lends itself so that he can create and execute wholesome cuisine in a variety of environments. .

Jessica Senouillet


Jessica has honed her intuitive skills over nearly a decade of hands on work in some of the most demanding, high-end environments a massage therapist can work in. She specializes in a number of modalities that blend together to create the ultimate massage experience. Deep tissue is one of her most in demand skills, but she is just as adept at providing a deeply relaxing and therapeutic Swedish massage.


Stephanie Norby


Steph was drawn to bodywork because she truly believes in the power of touch. Because everyone adapts to pain and stress in a different way, she uses a variety of modalities coupled with her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to address the concerns she hears from her clients and from their bodies. Whether you want to relax or focus on problem areas, Steph is happy to customize your session to support your wellness goals.